Susie Pan
Susie Pan
Entrepreneur - Marketer - Wanderer



I am an entrepreneur, traveler, connector, and lifelong wanderer. Having been to 35 countries and completed my formal schooling in 9 different places, I'm always on the move to explore the world. I've studied and worked in Paris, Malaysia, and Beijing at both startups and corporate companies.

I started my entrepreneurial journey in grade 12, when I founded the national non-for-profit, Science Expo, which empowers 10,000 high school students across 150 schools in Canada through alternative education, connections, and opportunities in STEM.

Currently, I lead the marketing and user acquisition efforts at Wirkn. I've been fortunate to be part of many communities such as Shad Valley, SheEO, Next 36, Venture for Canada that have surrounded me with amazing people.

I also speak at conferences around the topics of entrepreneurship, self awareness, and youth/student empowerment. Get in touch if you're interested to learn more.

I occasionally blog and take photos but my idea of fun is going cafe hopping, meeting passionate people, and getting lost.